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Topics: Finance, Bachelor's degree, Academic degree Pages: 4 (591 words) Published: February 13, 2013
Assignment 1 Part A H. Faizi Student No. 0061040487
Task one:
Item 1:
I am currently at the Oberon Correctional Centre. I have been unemployed for the past 14 months since I became incarcerated. Before I became incarcerated I was employed at a warehouse. I worked there for two years. Before I started working at the warehouse I was studying accounting at Ultimo TAFE. I was unable to continue/complete accounting due to financial difficulties. Finding a job was a headache without a qualification. When I got the ware house job I was able to support myself and my family a little better. However, I wouldn’t be able to survive working at the warehouse in long term.

Item 2:
When I was studying accounting at Ultimo TAFE, I had a lot of financial difficulties. I didn’t have enough money to buy things that were necessary. For this reason I as looking for a job so that I could support myself and my family. When I found the warehouse job my main problem was solved and it was easier to pay for daily necessities. Item 3:

In future I want to have lots of opportunities, so that I can have a better life for myself and my family. In the future I want to open doors for myself to a better career rather than working at a warehouse. I want to be able to work at an accounting firm or an engineering company. Item 4:

After completing TPP7120 and mathematics B level I will have to do mathematics level C in order to achieve eligibility to enrol in an accounting or engineering degree. 1. Once I have completed my current courses I will apply for TPP mathematics level C or enrol in an Accounting degree. 2. Apply for a USQ engineering or accounting degree.

3. Look for a part time job and study.

Task Two:
My Profile - Summary

Interests GO
* Outdoor
Education & Training GO
* Certificate 3 or 4 (Vocational Education and Training) Planned
* Bachelor's Degree or higher
Skills GO
* Ideas
* People
* Things
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