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Topics: Road, Street, Street furniture Pages: 2 (741 words) Published: May 9, 2011
City road in Cardiff is one of the busiest streets and most recognised in the city, and after studying the Making Social Lives DVD and reading through the learning companion I have come to understand the social aspects of the street as a whole. I am going to compare it to another well-known street in Cardiff Caerphilly Road. When you look at Caerphilly road and City Road together the inequalities of the 2 streets become apparent. Whereas the structure of city road is aimed at the ethnic minority and the student population Caerphilly road is much more of a family orientated place with many of the house owners and business owners being of elderly or middle aged . When you look at city road and its shops it has many culture stated shops such as the shop shown in the DVD exquisite African among others. On Caerphilly road shops like these simply don’t exist and that shows how the culture diversity is different in the two streets. City road has a number of shops running all along the road and even though Caerphilly road is just as long there is a cluster of shops at one point during the road there fore when it comes to parking like city road it can be troublesome. Caerphilly road is not as busy as city road and therefore most of its visitors tend to park on the quiet side streets that lay by, whereas city road and its side streets are equally busy and therefore parking is more of a problem in comparison to Caerphilly road. When you look at the street furniture of these 2 streets the difference is apparent, in Caerphilly road you will find that there are a lot of patches of flower gardens and trees all down the street, there are a few benches to sit on and the bus stops are not spaced closely together, and even though the roads stay busy the pavements are quite quiet with not hundreds people around at one given time, when u look at city road you see how the pavements are full

with people that there are no patches of wood instead the street furniture is of...
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