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Dd 101 Tma 06

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  • April 15, 2013
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Question to TMA 06

In this TMA, I have chosen to go with option A of the question, where we are asked: Evaluate the claim that Britishness is a matter of; ‘shared values, ideas or ways of life’.

In this assignment, I would like to explain some of the ‘shared values’ of Britishness different people hold, I also want to try and share the concepts and ideas some people claim to be a way of life in modern Britain. Throughout this explanation, I will not be adding my own personnel views, but views expressed by the general public from all walks of life. This assignment has been made a lot easier due to the recent riots we have seen occurring in various cities across Britain, the media is basically answering this question for us, I would like to highlight the points that we are asked to write about.

It is obvious from the feelings of the general public, more so now as various members of the public from all walks of life give their accounts of the recent riots, that ‘Britishness’ is very much a matter of shared values. To demonstrate this a little further, we need to look back to the 1950’s and 1960’s when there was a lot of immigration from various commonwealth countries. Once these immigrants started living in Britain, the majority of the population just did not know how to handle someone who was a little bit different than themselves. Thankfully, it didn’t take long for the majority of the general public to realise, that looks, different culture or different skin colour did not matter to them. This was only possible because, the basic values of the immigrants were the same as the normal British person, therefore, having ‘shared values’. Of course, not everyone had the same outlook, or shared the same values than the majority of the population. It is the same today as it was then; the only difference is, nowadays thankfully, we have diversity laws. But the same old chant is the same, immigrants coming over here taking our jobs. In fact,...