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  • Published : October 23, 2012
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Explain how individuals with dementia may communicate through their behaviour. Some residents use physical aggression to communicate to get attention, some use verbal abuse aswel.

Give examples of how carers and others may misinterpret communication. A resident with verbal communication problems already gets frustrated when needing the bathroom, starts shouting, therefore carers and others misinterpret them and take them to a different room and hand them a drink without slowing the residents speech down enough to see if they can understand them.

Explain the important of effective communication to an individual with dementia. A resident can be confuse and anxious if they are unable to communicate, this could affect their emotional well being even more and could escalate into aggression.

Describe how different forms of dementia may effect the way individual communicates.

A) vascular Dementia - if this is stroke related and the speech is affected the resident may be unable to speak properly or not be able to speak at all.

B) Alzheimer’s - the individual may become angry at not being able to put across what they need to say.

C) Lewi Bodies - a person with this experience convincing hallunations and lose facial expressions, so enable to use body language as a way of communication.

D) Fronto-temporal Dementia - this can affect communication by the person showing aggression and lack of concentration.

Understand the importance of positive interactions with individuals with Dementia.

A) Social interactions - stimulation this uses senses such as touch, smell and sound. Negation - the resident is asked about their needs, choices and what they prefer.

B) Psychotherapeutic interactions - validation - shows empathy, shows emotions and feelings. facilitation - aiding the person to use the abilities they have left and not picking up on mistakes.

Explain how positive interactions with individuals who have dementia can contribute who...
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