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The mission statements is a written declaration of an organizations core purpose and focus that normally remains unchanged over time. It defines why an organization exists and the reason for being in particular business. The present discussion is to understand the existing mission of Clifton Metal Works (CMW), whether it can be further improved. Given Facts

* Clifton Metal Works was founded in 1940s to produce custom-machine parts. * To sustain in the competitive industry CMW has started listening to customers. * In 1985 CMW made commitment for quality and implemented Quality Assurance. CMW got ISO certified in 1998. * CMW is planning for Baldrige award; it is also interested in Deming philosophy. * The company started thinking about global opportunities to market their product. Questions

1Q. Comment on the current mission statement. Does it provide the strategic direction necessary for success for this company? A: The current mission statement of CMW is “to improve return on investment”. The mission statement is very narrow in nature completely related to finance function of the organization. The current mission statement of CMW does not give any strategic direction but surely misguide the organization in future. The ultimate purpose of any business should not be return on investment; the organization is responsible to all the stakeholders. The customers should understand the organization commitment towards the stakeholders of the business, the quality of products etc. CMW is an ISO certified company and planning Baldrige award, implementing Deming philosophy but it is not reflected in the mission statement of the organization. The mission statement simply shows the commercial philosophy of the management, but however the company started journey to achieve quality. The company...
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