Dc-Dc Converter

Topics: The Circuit, Oscilloscope, Frequency Pages: 2 (478 words) Published: April 13, 2012

- saransh sharma

- Under the guidance of prof. G.Poddar

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* To design a DC-DC bidirectional dual active bridge converter using IGBT having switching frequency of 50 Khz and all the IGBT’s switched using ZVS switching.

* Studied a paper titled PWM control of dual active bridge converter by Amit kumar jain and Raja Ayyanar. This paper provided a comprehensive analysis of PWM control of dual active bridge. Some of the basics in that are given below :-

When both the sides are IGBT’s and there is no lag between the switching off of S1 and switching on of S2 and the same for all other IGBT’s then we get the voltage waveform as one in the above diagram. The power transfer equation is given as

We can control the flow of power by simple controlling the phase shift () i.e. by simply controlling which side leads the other. The power transfer for a single active bridge with a phase shift between the switching of s1 and s2 is given as:- Alpha being the phase shift described above and being the phase shift between primary and secondary sides and defining the phase shift between the primary and secondary voltages as –
We get the power equation as

And by controlling alpha we can control the amount of power transferred. Work progress
* What we have tried to do is reach the understanding of the project by simulations. For that purpose we are studying the waveforms of a single active bridge converter and trying to understand how the soft switching takes place. The basic advantage of the design is that no external circuit is required to facilitate the ZVS switching, the leakage reactance of the transformer that produces hindrances in other circuits is used for...
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