Dbq12: the Industrial Revolution: Beginnings Answers

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  • Published : April 16, 2013
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DOC #1 This document would help support the geographical/resource paragraph for the essay question – essentially, England had coal which powered machines, iron which created the machines and wool which the machines made into thread and then textiles. If the map is to scale, it is easy to infer that the resources were fairly close to canals or ports which meant less expense and faster shipping to the factories.

This document supports the geographical/resource paragraph for the essay – factories needed a large, mobile population to work in the factories.

DOC#3 This document supports an innovation paragraph because the idea of the assembly line was first used in the textile mills to increase production. This document could also be used to support the resource paragraph because if there were not so many people available to work in the factories, then there would not be enough people to man the assembly line. DOC#4 This document aids the resource/geography paragraph as it discusses the coal, iron and wool resources’ proximity to ports and rivers. These waterways cut down on shipping time and cost, as land shipping is usually more costly due to the length of time it takes. Because thee resources are close together, they can also be easily experimented with, due to the lower shipping costs.

This document would support an innovation/scientific paragraph as it focuses on how English thinkers are able to work on their inventions.

This document can be used in an innovation paragraph as it focuses on what inventions produced which results. It could also be used to support a resource paragraph as it infers that with these inventions, less people were needed to work, so more people were available to work in factories. It could also be used to support a factory paragraph as it describes the inventions that created the first textile mills, the first industry in England.

This document could support an innovation paragraph due...
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