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Topics: World War II, League of Nations, Adolf Hitler Pages: 2 (715 words) Published: May 21, 2013
In the early 1920s, as World War I ended, nations looked for peace as an outlet and hope for the future. As time passed, most countries were happy that the Great War had ended, however they were upset with the outcome. Since there were many costly expenses from the war, it caused many of the hostile nations to look for strong rulers for change. This allowed many harsh dictators to rise to power. These dictators were aggressive rulers and took forceful actions. In order to combat these aggressive rulers, other nations tried to resist war and give in to their demands. This type of action was known as appeasement. Not all countries felt the same way about this response; other countries believed that a collective security would work better. Collective security is a system in which groups of stronger nations came together and acted to protect other nations in need. These methods propelled nations into the battle of World War II.

There were different reasons World War II was fought. One of them being that Germany was frustrated over the Treaty of Versailles. Germany was upset that they had to follow unfair demands, including paying for all of the damages of World War I, lessening their armies, and limiting their military. In time, an aggressive ruler in Germany came to power named Adolf Hitler. Hitler felt that the outcome of the Treaty of Versailles was unfair, so he did the opposite of what the treaty stated and put all the money into building a stronger military. As time went on, Germany wanted to reunite their brother land (doc 1). Since other powerful countries feared the power of Hitler and his army, they gave into him, following the policy of appeasement. They agreed to the terms in which the “Big Four” gave Czechoslovakia over to Germany in order to resist war (doc 4). Hitler believed it was their right to the land because Germany owned it, post-World War I. In addition, at the start of World War II, most nations were in a worldwide depression....
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