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Topics: Soviet Union, Joseph Stalin, Kulak Pages: 2 (531 words) Published: May 16, 2013
Throughout history, the role of Joseph Stalin on Russia’s success has always been questioned upon. This role can be show through the many positive and negative aspects of his reign. The positive side included the strengthening of Russia’s military but the negative side, at the expense of his countries people.

If we were to look at Stalin’s accomplishment, we could see that there was a majority of positive achievements over negative ones. Of the many accomplishments, the most prominent one is Stalin’s famous five year plans. These five year plans helped strengthen industrial and agricultural aspects of Russia as explained in Document 9. These changes could also be seen visually in Documents 2 3 and6 which show the industrial and agricultural growth of Russia during the period where these plans were active. Stalin’s economic plans helped Russian became a modern industrial society and led to Russia’s rise to a world power. Also the focus on heavy industry made to help increase the power of the state. Under a command economy, in which the government controls all decisions made concerning the economy and personal lives, Russia with no doubt grew strong. As stated in Document 1, Stalin saids that to slow down means falling behind, and those we all behind are beaten. But we do not want to be beaten. The attitudes of Stalin provoked the nationalism inside the citizens and rallied them up as a united force which ultimately helped Russia grow economically. It was with Stalin’s nationalism that helped his country grow strong and emerge at the top.

Yet, not all aspects of Stalin’s rule were positive. We must remember to not brush over the negative aspects. First, Stalin developed his system of collective farming which combined once privately owned forms into large farms operated by the government. This put an end to individual profit and also an end to personal interest since the government had control of everything, As Stalin proclaimed in Document 4, he saids that with...
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