Dbq: Slavery

Topics: Slavery in the United States, American Civil War, Abraham Lincoln Pages: 2 (755 words) Published: January 16, 2013
In the 1840’s slavery was very common because of the booming cotton industry in the south, slaves were cheap and skillful, and there were plenty of them to go around, hence the reason the southern economy relied on them so heavily. However, because the North was economically sound and economically more advanced than the south, they saw the wrong behind slavery. Slavery in the south was so common that southerners began to grow used to the idea of slaves, and therefore placed most of their economy and way of life on that of a slave filled state. They saw slavery as an opportunity for the African Americans to make a life in America. “In all respects the comforts of our slaves are greatly superior to those of the English [factory] operatives, or the Irish and continental peasantry, to say nothing o the millions of paupers crowded together in those loathsome receptacles of starving humanity, the public poorhouses. . . . From this excess of labor, this actual want, and these distressing cares, our slaves are entirely exempted.” (Document A) Because southerners felt that what they were doing for and to slaves was beneficial for the southern and slave communities they saw no wrong in what they were doing, and therefore had no reason to stop slavery. When slaves worked on a plantation they had free health care, housing, and food, all things that were necessary and cost money, something that African Americans would not have had a lot of if they had come to America as immigrants. During that time there was still racial stereotypes and judgment, white land owning Americans thought of themselves as superior to African Americans and many other minority races that immigrated to America. African Americans would not have been taken seriously in the south even if slavery had not existed, they were a minority, and to the south minorities were the dirt beneath their shoes. Because the south’s main staple crop was cotton, and cotton was not a cash crop, the use of slaves...
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