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1.How did religion influence the Magna Carta?
King John of England had unlimited power and was taking large amounts of money without consulting his nobles. Magna Carta is a document that was created to stop the King from abusing his nobles. According to this document anything related to God is exempt from this rule. 2.How did the Magna Carta limit the power of King John?

King John was forced to signed the Magna Carta document. This greatly reduced his power. He couldn't collect large amounts of money and abuse the system. 3.How did the Magna Carta lay the foundation for democracy? This document of Magna Carta which was created in 1215 to stop the abuse of King John and to help the citizens rights. The King himself had to obey the laws and so it gave everybody equal opportunities Document B

1.How much influence do you think pastors had on society during the Middle Ages in Europe? Explain. In the medieval ages in Europe pastors had a great influence on the society. They were considered to have a third kind of life called next life and were considered superior over other men or women. 2.What is the mixed life?

In Middle Ages Prelates who were considered highly ranked clergies and pastors had a third kind of life called the mixed life. They were considered to be superior and preached men and woman about body and souls. 3.To lead the mixed life, do you think a prelate or pastor would spend time in a monastery? Explain. To lead a mixed life Prelates and pastors should be away from external business and to be involved in praying, meditation, reading holy scriptures, and following spiritual exercises. So they should spend time in a monestry. Document C

1.How does this painting show the influence of religion on politics? This picture shows Joan of Arc holding flags that have pictures of angels on them. This shows that she is very religious. She is also wearing suit suit of armor which signifies that she wants to be involved politically 2.Do you think the painter of this picture viewed Joan of Arc as a heroine? Explain. I think the painter be viewed Joanna of Arc as a heroine. The picture shows Joan or Arc wearing a suit of armor showing she's a hero. She was determined to drive the English out of France. She did succeed in doing this and so she became a heroine. 3.How does this painting combine the style of the ancient Greeks and Roman artists with that of the artists of the Middle Ages? Give examples. In the late Middle Ages paintings were mainly of humans as the central subject without much dramatic action. Religious symbols were common in this picture shows Angels on the banners. In those times the painters did not make the pictures look exactly like people giving the painting the sense of depth. Document D

1. How do you think Pope Urban II and the Crusades influenced the trade routes shown on this map? The Crusades which were the Holy Wars contributed to increasing trade in Europe. Many routes for Pilgrims were opened and there was large increase in spice trade in Eastern Asia. The Crusades also improved navigation techniques. 2. Which cities shown on the map do you think were most affected by ideas from foreign lands? 
hich cities were least affected by ideas from foreign lands? Explain. The cities that were most affected are Frankfurt, London, and Paris. 3. What cities seemed to benefit the most from trade routes by sea? Explain. Some of the cities were Visilby, Vienna, Florence, Rome, Basel, Genoa, and Frankfurt

Document E
1.Do you think the social standing of merchants during the Middle Ages helped or hurt the economy? Explain. In the feudal system the Kings own most of the land and they were very powerful. They gave some land to the nobles who served the Kings. The night protected the nobles and in exchange got some land. Merchants were in cities and not involved in the land exchange. This hurts the economy. 2.Do you think church officials had a large amount of influence in...
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