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  • Published : March 11, 2013
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The Treaty of Versailles was already planned to end all wars between countries, but it was more like “Let’s beat up Germany and make them so weak that they can not start another.” President Wilson was completely in love with Article X which was one of his 14 points, which was the formation League of Nations. This was Wilson’s baby and he thought that this could restore international peace. Many major countries ratified it, but not America. America denied the ratifying of the document that will “end all wars.” The failure of the US to ratify the Treaty of Versailles was the result of Woodrow Wilson’s stubbornness because he was unable to convince the Senate to go along with the treaty, he was unable to convince the people to go along with the treaty, and he was unable to believe that his ideas were not the best.

The Senate was split into three factions with views on the Treaty of Versailles, each one with a leading guy. Internationalists were the people that liked everything about the treaty, their leader being President Wilson. The League of Nations was essentially his baby and the treaty was practically his wife. Everything has to be in it for it to pass. Then there were the Irreconcilables, who hated everything about the treaty and the League of Nations and nothing would change their mind about it. They were lead by William Borah from Idaho. He was a strong Progressivist and disagreed with the views of Wilson (Doc. A). Finally, there were the Reservationists, who liked the tariff, but not the League of Nations. Their leader, Henry Lodge from Massachusetts, did not agree with Wilson’s plan of all the nations getting together and telling each other what to do. However, Lodge approved the ratifying of the treaty without the League of Nations in it. During the time of other countries ratifying the Treaty of Versailles, tension in Congress was tight. There are many political comics showing this frustration between Wilson and the Senate. One depicts a wedding with...
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