Dbq on Alsace-Lorraine

Topics: Otto von Bismarck, German Empire, Holy Roman Empire Pages: 3 (861 words) Published: January 16, 2013
As a region with ambiguous boundary distributions, Alsace-Lorraine had created conflict between the two countries of France and German, establishing controversy as to whether the country would come under whose control after the Franco-Prussian War when the region was ceded to Prussia. While newly united Germans felt they knew better what is good for them and forced its ethnic identity on the Alsace-Lorraine people, France, in recovery, and its nationalistic aspiration was devastated by the war; and within the region itself, conflictions became inevitable due to the fact that a portion of the population rejected Germanization and held sentiment toward France, and the others were impressed and took pride in lining up with the German states.

The German states held mixed feelings toward the region Alsace-Larraine region. Even thou it was among the German territories of the Holy Roman Empire, most of the region came under French control during the reign of Louis XIV. In document 3, the German government proclaimed that since Alsace-Lorraine was restored to the German Empire, the suppression of German language and culture would be stopped and “it becomes Germany’s national duty to wean these people from the French”. It is clear that as the power holder of the region, Germany felt a certain degree of responsibility toward Alsace-Lorraine after its restoration. This also explains why the German states felt superiority over the Alsace-Lorraine. In document 4, Professor Treitschke wrote in his pamphlet that as Germans, they know what is good for Alsace than the France and will give them back their ethnicity against their will. They were pleased to see the “immortal working of the moral forces of history”. The pamphlet was written in the year of the Franco-Prussian war, and as a citizen to a country whose nationalistic characteristics were growing rapidly, Treitschke showed a great deal of confidence for his state. The Germans also saw Alsace-Lorraine as a benefit to its...
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