Dbq on African Reactions to the Scramble for Africa

Topics: Africa, Madagascar, East Africa Pages: 3 (1034 words) Published: March 29, 2011
In the three decades after the Berlin Conference on Africa (1884-1885), European powers occupied and colonized areas in Africa . This period was also known as the Scramble for Africa . The Scramble for Africa affected the natives of Africa socially in many different ways. For one, some native African groups were against the white settlers (Docs 4, 8, 9), others were either rebelling or planning to rebel (Docs 5, 6, 7), and few were even peaceful towards the idea of dividing Africa (Docs1, 2, 3). These different reactions were caused by the white settlers coming into Africa and taking what was not rightfully theirs.

In a few accounts of Africans, the Africans were strongly against the European's Scramble for Africa (Docs 4, 8, 9). Ndansi Kumalo, an African veteran, wrote an account in 1896 to the people of Africa who were deciding whether or not give up their land. In a hurt and distrustful tone he spoke about the poor treatment of Africans in the Ndebele Rebellion against British advances in southern Africa to convince others not to agree to the settling because many have already died in the process of stopping it (Doc 4). In 1906 a German Military Officer wrote an article for the weekly newspaper articles about an account of the Africans reactions to the white settlers. In an observant and awed tone he wrote about the 1905 Maji Maji Rebellion in German East Africa and to give an example of Africans disliking the settlers and how they believed that a magic medicine would fend off the enemy (white settlers) (Doc 8).In 1907, Mojimba an African chief described a battle in 1877 on the Congo River against British and African mercenaries to a German catholic missionary. In a hurt, appalled, and hateful tone he used this description to show that these white men weren’t good, that they hurt innocent Africans who didn’t even know what they were being shit with and that it wouldn’t be a good idea to let them divide up Africa (Doc 9).

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