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Topics: Democracy, Martin Van Buren, United States Pages: 2 (525 words) Published: March 31, 2013
The 1800’s were an era of vast political campaigns. People including John Adams, Andrew Jackson, Martin Van Buren, William Harrison, and John Tyler were all important Presidents during the Second Part System period. People became more implicated and the elections became more aggressive. Participation in political campaigns and elections in the U.S. evolved between 1815 and 1840 from events that pushed America toward a Democratic nation.

When people first began campaigning, they used more diverse methods. Candidates would not make public speeches, because they did not have sufficient transportation to travel around. Even then, it was looked at as being rude and boastful to ride into a town trying to look superior. Instead of speeches, they would write letters back and forth. This prevented citizens from hearing each candidate’s personal opinions for running as president. The Hard Cider and Log Cabin campaign in 1840 between Harrison and Tyler held much different qualities that are seen more in today’s society. This election was known as the dirtiest campaign ever. There were plenty of slogans, songs, and even alcohol. The cover of the Hard Cider and Log Cabin Almanac depicts Tyler and Harrison providing alcohol to a group of people (Doc. I). Van Buren is in the background trying to corrupt the supply of drinks. Democrats supporting Martin Van Buren mocked Harrison saying how he would sit on the porch all day and drink hard cider. Various slogans were continuously made to downgrade the other running mates.

With newspapers being rare, barley anyone was capable of seeing the candidates’ speeches. However, as the industrialization age came, this all changed. Multiple printing factories were being made. Newspapers were drastically increasing and could be seen more often. High-speed presses for city papers flourished, and there was even free postage for rural areas. An outstanding 1,200 different newspapers were published in 1835 (Doc. G). This brought more...
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