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Topics: Puritan, Virginia, Religion Pages: 2 (527 words) Published: March 20, 2013
Kelsey Crouch
AP United States History
Mrs. Webb
August 27, 2012
Document Based Question
People came to the new world during the great migration for vastly different reasons. Some came to purify their religion, while others came to escape harsh religion practices. Others came seeking gold (Document F) and fortune, while some came simply to start over with their lives. By 1700, New England and the Chesapeake Bay region had developed differently because of religious differences (Puritan beliefs v religious tolerance), economic differences (cash crops vs. Ship building), and social differences (New England was settled with families while Chesapeake Bay was a plantation society). Religion during the settlement of the new world was very strict and unforgiving. John Winthrop, the leader of the puritans, wanted to create a city upon a hill (Document A), while other colonists journeyed to the new world seeking freedom of religion (Document B). The New England settlers practiced puritan beliefs, and their entire society was centered around their church. Whereas in the Chesapeake Bay colony freedom of religion was more acceptable in society and everyone was welcomed to settle. Many people saw the Americas as an opportunity to start over and pay off old debts (Document C). In July of 1635, a ship bound for Virginia was full of single men and women who could have been indentured servants or looking to get rich quick (Document C). The economy in New England consisted mainly of shipbuilding as well as fishing, and in the Chesapeake Bay region cash crops were the most valuable. In New England the soil was not as fertile as in the Chesapeake Bay region, which is why it never became a large farming colony. Instead they cleared trees, considering they had endless forests, and became a large shipbuilding area. A large portion of colonists came in families or large groups to the new world (Document B). Puritans believed in tight knit societies as a part of their religion...
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