Dbq Japan and England

Topics: Japan, Pg. 99, Documents Pages: 3 (921 words) Published: September 29, 2011
Austin Cross AP World 3/3/11

Female Mill Workers in England and Japan were indeed quite different. Workers in Japan had lower incomes and there were more young female workers. England had higher wages and the ages varied. Through the eleven documents, one can see that they can be broken into four categories, showing the differences between the two countries. The four categories being background information, gender and age, wages and hours, and working conditions. Through these eleven documents one can see that Female Mill Workers in Japan and England were different.

One can see in document 1 and 2, that they provide background information. From document 1, one can see that both Japan and England were both small island nations on opposite sides of the world. Showing that they had similar ordeals to deal with. Asia seems to be the point of view in this document since that it is the focus point of the map. Document 2 shows that in England, female workers had male advisors, an open working space, and had good equipment. Document 2 shows that Japan had crowded working spaces, workers seemed to be happy, and had good equipment. Document 1 and 2 show the differences in their background and work environment. An additional document to help one better understand the map of document 1 would be to show the rest of the world instead of just focusing on Asia and Europe.

From document 3 and 4, one can see that gender and age were very different between England and Japan. From document 3, one can see that most of the workers in England were female workers ranging from the age of 16 and over. Most however, falling under the over twenty years of age percentile. This document shows that most of England’s workers were female and were over twenty years of age. From document 4, one can see that Japan had quite different standards. The majority of the female workers were under the age of twenty, the complete opposite of female workers in England. The point of view of...
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