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Topics: Andrew Jackson, Martin Van Buren, Democracy Pages: 3 (900 words) Published: December 2, 2012
Within the Jackson administration, Jacksonian Democracy impacted further advances in the political process by the “common man” and minorities, the economic stability of the nation, and created sectionalism. These impacts were caused by the end of white men voting restrictions, creation of the spoils system, vetoing of National Bank policies, distribution of currency to “pet banks,” fairness of laws for states and enforcing Indian Removal.

Jackson gave political power to the “common man” during his presidency seen through Margret Bayard Smith’s account of Jackson’s Inauguration in 1829 (Doc A). Smith described western farmers going crazy in the street and the White House which for that time was not a typical Inauguration ceremony. In fact, most inaugurations were in front of politicians. Jackson was able to give these “common men” political power in order to be elected by stating he was one himself and ending voting restrictions for white males so that any man could vote verses only land holders could. Jackson gave more political power to the common man through his policy of rotation of offices known, which removed non-Jacksonian Democrats to allow the common man positions in office. This rotation policy was also known as the spoils system because Jackson used the empty positions to fill with other Jacksonian Democrats that had helped Jackson win the election. Through rotation of office and the spoils system, Jackson elected “common man” officials. Jackson stated his rotation policy to explain his primary purpose which was to allow “common men” positions in office because changes in officials were necessary and allowed others to lead the nation (Doc B). Not all people agreed with Jackson’s policy. Mrs. Barney even wrote to Jackson about her problems with the rotation policy, which were primarily caused by her husbands’ loss of a job thanks to the rotation policy (Doc C). This letter showed that not all groups like Jackson’s rotation policy and created an...
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