Dbq Industrialization

Topics: Industrial Revolution, Factory, Cotton mill Pages: 2 (632 words) Published: May 1, 2013
Throughout the 1800s, Manchester, England went from a small town into the fastest growing city in history. In the inner city, cotton mills and other factories were intermingled with workers’ housing, built as cheaply and poorly as possible. But not everyone suffered the living conditions in the new industrial city. Manchester’s uprising as a large industrial city was a result of what most historians call the Industrial Revolution, the most profound and intense transformation in human life since the development of agriculture 10,000 years earlier. Many people did not like this new change and highly disapproved of it. But some people approved of this action and supported it. This new revolution led to two main results, the poor living conditions of the new uprising but also the increase diseases, deaths, and suffering. The beauty and poor living result was mainly about the looks on the outside instead of what’s actually going on in the inside. People thought all the new buildings and houses made the town look more professional, but actually it was filthy and everything was cheaply built. In doc.2 Robert Southey talks about how everyone is crowded together in narrow streets, the houses all built of brick and blackened with smoke. The buildings were built so close to eachother that if one caught on fire all the others would go down one by one also. Mr. Southey is an English Romantic poet whom was visiting Manchester during this new transition, he could be seeing these things this way because he is used to be living a little more up scaled than what they had to offer. In doc.3, Thomas B. Macaulay basically says that Mr. Southey is just saying this because he is uptight and thinks highly of himself. Mr. Macaulay disagrees with Mr. Southey and says people are living longer because they are better fed, better lodged, better clothed, and better attended in sickness and that these improvements are owing to the increase in national wealth which the manufacturing...
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