Dbq Industrialization

Topics: Industrial Revolution, Steam engine, Economics Pages: 2 (460 words) Published: September 17, 2012
Industrialization in my opinion improved peoples lives immensely because of the changes that it brought. Not only did it bring things into the history that made every day life easier but it moved the century towards a brighter future for the buyer and the seller. Meaning more jobs and more money in their pockets to buy the new things that they wanted. According to the poem the impact that industrialization had on the lives of many parents was that the parents start their work before dawn and they come home at night time. So their children felt as though they were strangers to their mothers and fathers. Even though this is a downside to the industrialization movement it did still mean jobs and food on the table. The impact that factories had on the environment was that they spread pollution through the environment and caused many problems. There is many ways of looking at this fact because sooner or later we would have stumbled upon something that would have been bad for the environment. Furthermore if it was not for this we would still be running the same factories the same way. Mass production had an affect on the availability of consumer goods by widening the choices for the customer. By widening the choices of the consumer it means they made the consumer happy which would lead to more productivity for them more money more employees and more choices for the consumer an overall circle of goods. Railroads also had an effect on people’s lives by getting them where they wanted to go in a shorter amount of time then they could before. When there was not many ways of transportation and whichever there I was it was very expensive and for the high class. The railroads gave an opportunity for everyone to travel and get where they needed to be in half the price and time. The living condition for many urban dwellers was harsh and very crowded. Again there was much downside to this all because more jobs meant more people and more people meant more crowding, and so the...
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