Dbq: Industrial Revolution

Topics: Industrial Revolution, Steam engine, Factory Pages: 2 (518 words) Published: January 15, 2011
DBQ: Industrial Revolution
The Industrial Revolution had many different impacts on England’s people and economy, some being positive and others negative. The Industrial Revolution began when new inventions were introduced to England. These inventions effected transportation, jobs, social classes, education, and living conditions. As the revolution was in motion, a number of people had benefited from its growth in the manufacturing industry. Women had started working in factories, producing cloth. This material was able to be made much more efficiently and cheaper, due to new inventions like the “Spinning Jenny” and the “Crompton’s Mule”.(DOC #1) This allowed far more materials being produced to supply the increasing demand. As demand increased, so did employment opportunities. While goods were being produced at a more efficient level, people used the steam engine to ship these products cheaper and quicker to different countries. This allowed people to have more luxuries in their lives for a cheaper price. The economy greatly improved. Due to the demand in fuel it required more workers, which led to more jobs for miners, engineers, ship builders, and sailors. (DOC #3) Before they were able to transport the goods people were put to work laying down the railroad which had linked people far and wide. The industrial revolution caused major growth in cities between the years 1801 and 1851. (DOC #4) This was a very big step for England because it made people move to the cities to be closer to a well paying job. The population multiplied in a short amount of time and helped there economy. The Industrial revolution also had its downfall, being that the people had to live in poor conditions. The peoples homes were made of brick, usually about one to two stories high with no bathrooms or windows. These homes were very small and held about 30 people, so they were very cramped. The roads were also very bad. They were unpaved with potholes that were filled with filthy puddles...
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