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  • Published : November 21, 2010
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Josh Keslowitz 11/21/10
Mrs. DuffyDBQ

Beginning in the middle of the eighteenth century, the Industrial Revolution began in Great Britain. This revolution greatly increased the output of machine made goods. The Industrial Revolution began in Great Britain because of its many natural resources such as coal, iron, water, and lead. Great Britain had natural harbors and rivers. Great Britain was an Island in Western Europe that was separated from Europe, which meant no wars. Also, the Industrial Revolution began in Great Britain because of the textile industry. Britain had an abundance of cotton, used in the making of textiles. When the cottage industry and the manufacturing of clothing at home changed to the factory system, new machines were being created. Also, several key-inventors of these machines were from Great Britain and contributed to the factory system being established. Also, efficient transportation was already set up in Britain and it was further innovated with the demand between producers and suppliers. Great Britain also had a lot of natural resources such as coal and iron. the Industrial Revolution affected every part of life in Great Britainm but proved to be a mixed blessing. Eventually, indutrialization led to be a better quality of life for most people. But the change to machine production initially caused human suffering. Rapid industrialization brought plentiful jons, the ills of child labor. It also led to rising class tensions, especially between the working class and the middle class.

The Industrial Revolution began in Great Britain for many reasons. Great Britain’s Geography was one of the best. It had natural harbors and rivers, and it also had natural resources such as water and coal and iron. in (document 1) in order to industrialize, England must have the resources such as coal, iron, water, wool, cotton, tin and lead. Also, in (document 2) the geography of England helped them industrialize by having...
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