Dbq Imperalism

Topics: British Empire, Military, Empire Pages: 2 (453 words) Published: February 13, 2013
Imperialism is defined as a policy of extending a country's power and influence through diplomacy or military force. The common goal was to have trade, markets, raw materials, investments, and power; the government backed this up as an official policy. All the powerful countries, such as Brittan, were thirsty for more power and trade and wealth. They could achieve this by taking control of obviously less powerful countries. They could also achieve this by tapping into their trade, like china, for example. Every country was racing to be the best and be the wealthiest, and be in control of the most prosperous countries, such as India, the “jewel” to Brittan’s “crown” Brittan had the best of everything, and they had loads of money. They had raw materials, the best navy, and they were industrialized. The British empire was so vast that there was always sun on some county they had control over, hence the saying “ the sun never sets on the British empire” and it’s true the sun was never set on all of it at once. A quote from President William L. Langer’s book, The Diplomacy of Imperialism “But the economic side…must not be allowed to obscure the other factors. Psychologically speaking…evolutionary teaching (about the survival of the fittest) was perhaps most crucial. It not only justified competition and struggle but introduced an element of ruthlessness…” (doc. 5) Economic reasons include powerful countries taking control of less powerful countries in order to collect all that country has for offer, such as trade. The more countries you take over the more powerful you are and the more wealth to come for your country. In this quote it uses the phrase “justified competition” and “struggle”, imperialism is very much a completion to be the best and have the most. Wanting the best and having the most is a very common theme when it comes to humans, but imperialism is the undefined effect of industrialization. The expert from the letter sent by Phan Gian “Now, the...
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