Dbq Han and Roman Technology

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Han and Roman Technology DBQ
There were a lot of different attitudes towards technology between the Han and Roman Empire, even different opinions within the empires themselves. During the Han Empire, some believed that technology was a very important part of an empire and requires government intervention, while others thought it was just a gift from enlightened leadership. During the Roman Empire, some believed that technology was necessary, but not necessarily enlightening, while others saw it as showing that they were the best civilization during this time period. The first document from the Han Empire was written by a government official. According to his writing, he wanted to prevent the flood with the establishment of water conversation offices. In addition he talked about how many people he need for these offices and in which areas. I see the creation from these offices as a gift from the government, because it brings new jobs to the population and you can control and prevent the flooding better. This document showed that the government wanted to help and make steps towards newer technology. The second document was written by another government official from the Han Empire. He is talking about that, at first, the quality of tools for salt-boiling were well made, because they were made by individual families. Later on with the intervention from the government, the quality of these special tools declines rapidly, because these tools were produced by the state that used convict labor to create them. For the reason that that the quality declined, good implements were hard to find and the common people couldn’t afford the high prices by the government. The government did not make the best step to take over the production of these tools. These interventions from the government led to a significant decline in the quality of the tools and raised the prices. The government looked very selfish with this action and did not even think about the people, because the...
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