Dbq French Revolution

Topics: Louis XVI of France, French Revolution, Louis XV of France Pages: 2 (770 words) Published: September 30, 2012
DBQ: French Revolution

One reason the French Revolution was inevitable was because the debt that piled up upon France. This debt started from the spending of King Louis XV and continued with his nephew Louis XVI. We know this according to Document 11, the French National budget statistics of 1788, which tells us that 6% of France's income was spent on the castle and royal family in Versailles. From the same document we know that France was paying 50% or 1/2 of it income to the dept it owned to America. Altogether that was 56% of France's income that was spent on many unnecessary things that France could save on. Also from Document 2 we know that France liked to loan money since author Anne Robert Jacques Turgot said that "If we loan money then our country will be in debt and bankrupt". She said this 15 years before the Revolution started. Knowing that France was in debt and that it need money, King Louis XVI made new taxes and mold old ones higher. Higher and new taxes were something that the 3rd Estate did not want.

Paying taxes for the rich and wasteful king was something that the 3rd Estate did not want to do. This kind of mindset was another cause of the Revolution making it inevitable. In Document 1 we can see this mindset when the 3rd estate does not want to pay 2 new taxes on bread which made it very expensive. Bread was important to the Frenchman because it was their most eaten food. The opposition came in riots, burglary and vandalism of the bake shops. This violence tells us that the 3rd Estate did not want to pay these taxes, so they stole the bread instead of buying it. To represent taxation, Document 4 shows a political cartoon drawn in 1789, with the 3rd Estate serving the 1st and 2nd Estate as a horse. The 3rd Estate is represented by a naked chained man, the 1st Estate is represented by the clergy, and the 2nd Estate is represented by the nobility and King Louis XVI. In the hands of the clergy and nobility are taxes and...
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