Dbq Flemings and Walloons

Topics: Belgium, Brussels, Wallonia Pages: 2 (760 words) Published: October 7, 2012
Jesse Miller
Mr. Nadeau
Period 2
April 15, 2012

DBQ: Flemings and Walloons In the 19th and 20th centuries, Flemings and Walloons were divided by political and economic tensions, but the most outstanding source of division was social differences. The Flemings and Walloons went head-to-head because of the divergence in their culture and ultimately, the way they lived their day-to-day lives. Both of these groups wanted the country of Belgium to be run in their favor, but with that would come a clash of cultures. The first controversy between the Flemings and Walloons was political tension. After the Belgian Revolution in 1830, the new nation of Belgium had to come to terms in context of political leaders, but the dispute between the Flemings and Walloons was so strong that no political settlement could be officiated. In Document 2, an American diplomat speaks about the history of Flemings and Walloons, stating that Walloons are impatient politicians and deny tradition, while Flemings feel strong nationality and are better contenders to run the government. This document is supported by Document 4, where a Brussels-based newspaper claims that Walloon control the north, but resist monarchial power, while Flemings are ardent supporters. In Document 8, a French observer discuses the struggle for political power between the Flemings and Walloons, stating that the Catholic Flemings lead a politically dominant party and their leadership demands must be met over those of the Walloon politicians. Through years of battling, Walloons and Flemings still found their selves butting heads in the political arena, but still, all of that fighting came down to one issue: language. Another controversy that arose was economic competition. The potato famine had reached Belgium by the 1840s, straining the economy and there was a struggle of who would come out on top. In Document 4, a Brussels-based...
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