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  • Published : December 19, 2010
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DBQ Essay
During the late 1800s and early 1900s, Progressive reformers worked to improve American society. Their goals included protecting consumers, regulating child labor, improving working conditions, and expanding democracy. The ones being talked about in this essay are protecting consumers, regulating child labor, and the improvement of working conditions. Protecting consumers is important in various ways. It is unhealthy not to be protecting consumers. By doing this businesses would be waning because once buyers know that their supplies are unhealthy for them they will not buy and will not want it. This is better yet known as supply and demand. Pernicious materials were still being produced and the materials were bought cheaper rather than safe for the buyers. For examples, chemicals, harmful dyes, and contaminated substances were some of the materials. One book titled The Jungle by Upton Sinclair helped these statements get across and actually make a change. Even President Theodore Roosevelt read it and took note of the events that went on in the factories. He asked the Congress to pass the Meat Inspection Act but even though some people do not agree with government being involved in business activities, the act was passed. The Meat Inspection Act provided $3 million toward a new, tougher inspection system, where government inspectors could be on hand day or night to condemn animals unfit for human consumption (Doc 2). This means that inspection cost wouldn’t be paid by the companies it would be paid by the government. By doing this, this put things on the right track. The protection of consumers is associated with the improvement of working conditions. Since the workers are daily grinding they are worn out and enervated. Also they are working in harmful factories with germs and diseases in the air. Does this make it safe for them or how about the consumers? The answer is everyone is at risk. In meat packing factories, employees...
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