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  • Published : December 14, 2010
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“Women equals slaves and concubines,” was the mentality of patriarchal societies long ago. In today’s society men and women are viewed as equals; no sex is subordinate of the other, but during the early complex societies, there was an obvious split in which gender was more superior. Back then, authoritative figures/gods said that men were more important than women. The superiority of man over woman is constantly revealed in many of the historical documents. For example, man could ‘own’ plenty of women whilst a woman could not own a man; this speaks of an unfair preponderance that men had over women. However heartless men may seem to sound at this point, they actually did try to show some effort in addressing the needs of women. Men tried to satisfy them and comply with their emotions to the best of their ability. Ancient cultures reinforced that women’s status was more subordinate to men’s status through the documents that depict the importance of men in the eyes of those the most highest in their society, how man’s preeminence was emphasized throughout the lands, and how it was up to the men to show some little respect, if any, to the women.

According to authoritative figures-such as gods, priests, noblemen, and other of the likes- men were more prominent to society than women. Look closely at Document 1 we can tell there weren’t even any female gods. The Gilgamesh Epic reads, “… their father, Anu; Their counselor, the warrior Bel; Their leader, Nimurta; Their champion the god Enlil.” (doc. 1) All of the gods listed are male. Pleasing a god was an important objective when it came to everyday life; if you wanted your future to be prosperous, you would do everything you could to please the gods. The question is what would please a god, or what would a god find pleasing? The lord [nobleman] Ptah-hotep advises his son, “If you are a wise man, bring up a son who shall be pleasing to Ptah [a god].” (doc. 2) From this we can already tell that the gods favored male...
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