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  • Published : May 7, 2013
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In 1884, the European government colonized areas in Africa which was known as the European Scramble for Africa. There are various ways of actions and reactions of the Africans in response to the European Scramble for Africa. Some are Peaceful Cooperation, some are violent, some are based on increased religion, and some are total rejection. These reactions are shown in Documents one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, and nine. Each document has a person’s point of view and a date (1800’s-1907).

A reaction for the European Scramble was peaceful acceptance or cooperation. In document one it was from Royal Niger Company, commissioned by the British government to administer and develop the Niger River Delta and surrounding areas, standard form signed by multiple African rulers on 1886. This document is pretty much a paper that you sign in an agreement to do something. What the Royal Niger Company said is that they’re peacefully agreeing by not interfering with any of the native laws or customs of the country. They also agreed to pay native owners of land a reasonable amount for any part that they take. When they say ‘signed by multiple African rulers’ I would like to know how many actually signed. Also what I understand is that early on, because it’s in 1886, they give in. Document 2 might have a little of cooperation. It’s from Prempeh I, Ashanti leader, response to a British offer of protectorate status in West Africa on 1891. He’s not completely cooperating or accepting but isn’t using complete violence either. As time goes on we can see that they’re less likely to accept. Since Ashanti is a leader it seems that he doesn’t want to lose any power. Document 7 was from Samuel Maherero, a leader of the Herero people. This was a letter to another African leader, German South-West Africa on 1904.This document is cooperating with Africa in the reason that he says to make their voice heard and go to war against the Germans. He’s a leader hence...
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