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Ratifying the Constitution DBQ
“…thirteen powerful, independent, disunited States are in the habit off…refusing to obey our national Congress…I pray that we can act in time to prevent the bad things we fear may happen.” George Washington wrote this in a letter to John Jay (Doc 3). Even the man who is immediately thought of when talking about the start of our nation thought that without a new set of guidelines to run our country by, the young country would eventually break apart and the fighting of the higher powers would begin again. The reasons George thought this way was because of how week the Articles of Confederation actually were, also because all the different foreign problems that the country as a whole faced, and another big reason that he thought this way was because the country was in such a big debt crisis.

The Articles of Confederation had left some major issues in the young United States because there was no real central government. The states were much more powerful and unified in very few ways from the very beginning of the country, which was a big problem because at the time the United States faced so many different problems, so to solve this problem a meeting in Philadelphia was arranged to cover the topic of how to about getting the young country headed in the right direction. The direction that was chosen was one to ratify a new document to create strong national government and but also leaving the states with some power for themselves. But this task was not easy because once the deliberations were starting to come to a close there was still the task of convincing people to ratify it, and there were many people who did not like the document, with worries such as “There is no security in the system under the proposed new U.S. Constitution either for the rights of people with different ideas or the liberty of the press.” (Doc. 2). To get the new U.S. Constitution ratified the founding fathers needed to show how it would work better than the...
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