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Since the beginning of the Christianity and Islamic religion up until the 1500's, the two religions had different views and opinions towards merchants and trade. In the early years of Christianity, the Christians expressed negativity and dislike towards the wealthy merchants but soon grew to accept and open up to fair trade. The outlook of trade from the Muslims was the exact opposite. The Muslims started off with a positive outlook on trade but as time passed, they became more aware and critical of the honesty in trading. The Christians believed that wealthy merchants had no way of getting into heaven which is also written in the bible where as the Muslims believed that so long as the merchant was faithful and truthful it was fine to be a merchant.

In about 70-80 Ce, the Christians expressed negativity towards merchants. In Doc 1, Matthew in the christian bible mentions hows "it is easier for a camel to go through the eye of the needle than for a rich man to enter into the kingdom of god", which putting it in simple terms shows how they looked down upon merchants and believed that they could not go to heaven. In doc 6, there are several letter written to Italian merchants which show that the prices merchants set were more than what people can afford for. Doc 6 is written through the point of views of regular citizens affected by the prices of goods. They write the letters of complaints to show and express that they just want to live a life without paying the extra money for what they need. Thomas Aquinas, a leading scholar criticizes the merchants and talks of how it is unjust to charge for more than what you got it for (Doc 4). He mentions how it is fine to trade so long as you don't cheat people of the price and deceive them. With the passing of over a millennium, both doc 3 and 4 show somewhat of an acceptance in trading. In Doc 3, a monk of Durham speaks of his admiration towards a fellow merchant named Godric and how even though he made great profits,...
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