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Topics: Buddhism, Religion in China, Han Dynasty Pages: 2 (700 words) Published: December 11, 2011

In China, when Buddhism spread from India, it was met with mixed results. Buddhism was popular with certain people because it rewarded good deeds and punished the bad, but people didn’t like it because they thought Buddha was false. Some people in china were skeptics of Buddhism because it was started to spread to china late and so they thought it wasn’t right because it was against what they had been taught their whole lives.

A common belief among followers of Buddhism is that Buddhism will lead you to spiritual enlightenment. Buddha said himself that “rebirth brings delight and passion.”(doc. 1) This is a very direct and bias point of view since this is the man that founded the core beliefs of Buddhism. Zhi Dun, who is a Chinese scholar, said that if you “behold the Buddha you will be enlightened in his spirit.” (doc. 2) This is written by a Confucian scholar who is confident of Chinese aristocrats and high officials when China was getting invaded. This particular Chinese scholar could have been looking for a new belief since china was in a state of crisis. A Buddhist scholar named Zong Mi thought that Buddhism was enlightening because it “encourages the perfection of good deeds, punished wicked ones, and rewarded good ones.”(doc. 5) The point of view of Zong Mi was more in favor of Buddhism because he was a Buddhist scholar, so he studied Buddhism his whole life and was definitely in favor of it opposed to other religions. A additional document that could be helpful would be a chart comparing the growing popularity of Buddhism versus the popularity of Confucianism in China because then you could easily compare the two beliefs and tell which one was getting more popular in China.

People in China were skeptics about Buddhism and this led to people believing to get mislead from Buddhism. An anonymous Chinese scholar said that Buddha is a new person and that Buddhism isn’t as good as everybody thinks and “what occasion there for suspicion.”(doc....
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