Dbq Causes of Wwii

Topics: World War II, Adolf Hitler, Nazi Germany Pages: 4 (1575 words) Published: January 26, 2013
DBQ: Causes of WWII
During the period previous to World War II causes that led to World War II included German attempt of imperialism in Europe, pro-appeasement ideologies towards German military expansion, and ignoring con-appeasement ideologies towards German military expansion.

Documents1, 3, and 4 support the idea that one of the causes that led to World War II included Germany’s attempt of imperialism. Document 1, an excerpt from Mein Kampf by Adolf Hitler, explains some of Hitler’s ideas of forming a regime first in order to gain lands that had been taken away after German defeat in World War I. Document 1 is biased since it has been written by Hitler’s point of view who only wants to brainwash the German masses into supporting his ideas of “enhancing” Germany’s position as a global power by reconquering lost lands. Document 1 supports the idea that German imperialism encouraged the arousal of World War II since Germany began to conquer lands all the way to Poland therefore increasing its wealth other imperialistic nations such as Great Britain and France began to fear German further expansion to the whole European continent which would leave them as just another subordinate power rather than a global imperialist economy and caused them to act against the threatening Nazi regime. Document 3, is a newspaper article in which Hitler is presumed guilty of violating the Treaty of Versailles by creating an army, invading Rhineland, and promising to bring Germany to an equal level to that of great powers. Also, it explains how France told on Germany with the League of Nations for breaking the Treaty of Versailles yet there was no action against such. Document 3 supports this position by giving evidence of German imperialism through the conquering of states like Rhineland and foreign disagreement to such, in this case France who pressured the League of Nations to take actions since other imperial societies themselves were in danger of falling into German...
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