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  • Published : March 3, 2013
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Although Christian and Muslim responses to The Black Death were somewhat similar in some aspects, they were extremely different when comparing their thoughts on the cause of the disease, the behavior of people during this time, and their context.

According to a map of the Middle East and Europe, the Black Death didn’t have many routes through the Middle East, but quite a lot of routes are shown in Europe. Most of the routes in Europe spread over water, the Mediterranean Sea, but there were still routes on land. Judging by this, it’s easy to tell that the Black Plague affected more areas in Europe than in the Middle East because of all the different routes. In the Middle East, there was only 3 or 4 different routes for the plague to travel, all were and except for one in the red sea. It appears that the Black Death entered in through the Middle East through the Red Sea and Mecca. Mecca is a highly populated city, and this most likely led to many deaths. On a document about death counts in Europe, and the Middle East, they were very similar death rates; about 30%.The Black Death killed more people in Europe, simply because it had the highest population. Europe had a population of 75,000,000, which dropped by 23,840,000 people to only 51,160,000 people. That is about a third, 31% of the population. England itself had a higher death count, probably because of its denser population. About half of all the priests and monks died, probably because of them going around and trying to help people with the plague, while only 33% of the population died in England. They had 4,200,000 people before the plague, and about 2,800,000 after the plague; a drop of 1,400,000. In the Middle East, there were similar death counts to those in Europe, for example, the death count in Egypt was about 25%, while the death rates of Syria were about 33%. Another document describes points of view of people from societies that witnessed the disease first hand. The speaker from Italy spoke...
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