Dbq Apush 1: Transformation of Colonial Virginia

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  • Published : April 27, 2011
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Document Based Question 1: The Transformation of Colonial Virginia
Taking the step to become a settler in the seventeenth century was a big deal, understandably. Many people left the comfort and safety of their native homes, often becoming the first generations to leave. They faced new and scary experiences, along with a range of challenges. The colonists who settled in Virginia in the seventeenth century were no exemption. The Virginians had many challenges thrown at them and had to learn what they needed to do to survive. The challenges included disease, rivalries with the Native Americans causing wars, foraging for new lands, and extreme starvation and famine. Their efforts to solve these problems caused serious changes. The colonies were segregated between white people and any others. Taverns were developed and the economy was supported by triangular trade as well as agriculture

In Document D, Richard Frethorne explains the battles the Virginians had to fight in a letter he sent back to England. They battled diseases which they had never been exposed to, including dysentery and scurvy. Their bodies were not accustomed to these new sicknesses, nor were their doctors. The amount of casualties from disease was devastating. On the other hand, the colonists also brought new disease to America. The Native Americans were hit equally as hard by the disease brought from overseas along with the new colonists. The diseases were expressed in Document B, as well, “A Discourse on the Plantation of Virginia” by George Percy. Percy states “Our men were destroyed with cruel diseases as swellings, burning fevers..” The men didn’t know what they were faced with and had little to no immunity and tolerance to the new diseases brought about by completely new land, people, food, and lifestyles in general.

The lack of food was expressed in Document D when Frethorne lamented that he had not seen any deer or venison, and although there were fowl, the men were forbidden from...
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