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Topics: United States, World War II, Spanish–American War Pages: 3 (1130 words) Published: March 27, 2013
America felt the need to move towards the idea of foreign policy from 1895 to 1920; their success was a combination of idealism and self-interest. Both were influential in the decision to venture outside of U.S borders. America expanded due to idealistic view such as: The White Man’s Burden, Religious motivation, a social contract with the Western Hemisphere and the Spanish American War. However, self interest offered more of a substantial force with America’s desire for a stronger Navy, foreign market, power, pride, and the influences of the Roosevelt Corollary. When both ideas are combined they create one of the most influential and globally shaping decisions of our world. America’s decision to expand their foreign policy influenced their idealistic views. America especially felt the need to assist the less fortunate and successful nations in the western hemisphere, which is called the White Man’s Burden. This is described in (Document C). This poem shows the feelings of the American people, the poem’s optimistic tone and uplifting morale portrays the justification the colonization of less developed and successful countries. Many of America’s missionaries decided to leave the land of the free and help other countries and their populations through education and the gospel. Missionaries were sent out to spread their religion and to help people who were not as fortunate as others. American men and women set up schools and hospitals in SE Asia and taught children the basic principles of science and math. (Document D) shows a picture of American missionaries teaching in China. Citizens of the government served as inspiration for the expansion of its foreign policy. America was caught in a feeling of moral obligation to its western countries. It then became morally bound to help those in times of need. The government became stuck in their good deeds. It was difficult to maintain its policy of individualism with this moral arrangement. The Spanish American...
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