Dbq 7 Years War

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DBQ 7 Years War

The French and Indian War altered the political, economic and ideological relations beween Britain and the American colonies in many ways such as the expansion of land in American, the approach the the Americans took against the British government after the war, and the way the Americans strived for independence after the war. The British success in the French and Indian War transformed the relationship between Britain and the American colonies.

What was North America to the colonists was once a home land for the Indians. The British came to America for goods and wealth, at the same time acquiring land and other goods. As the British and other Nations fought for land that did not belong to them, the Indians became furious. "We know our lands" declared Canassatego part of Iroquois Confederacy (Doc. B). The Indians knew the value of the land and also how rapidly the goods they received for the land disappeared. The British would not even respec the land they settled on, destroying it little by little, just enraged the Indians insisting the British to leave. Nevertheless the british did not listen.

During the war there was a bit of favoritism shown towards some of the soldiers. " We're denied Englishmen's liberty" wrote in soldiers dairy (Doc. D). Even with the lousy times and weather the soldiers had to go through there was partiality shown, Americans were treated so poorly in the war that they had to answer to British regulars who were merly slaves to the officers. Despite the ending of their time in the war they were still kept there away from home. The soldiers did get sent home and swore to fight no more for the British in war.

As the French and Indian war ended, money debts appeared. British policies after 1763 were designed to raise revenue to pay for the cost of the war. The more land meant more money, a bigger population meant more money, and the more expenses spent meant more money. So the British government was in serious debt...
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