Dbq #4 Supporters and Opposers of the Constitution

Topics: United States Constitution, Articles of Confederation, United States Pages: 2 (574 words) Published: May 23, 2013
Although the constitution was ratified in September of 1787, not everyone was always in favor of it. Many opposed the Constitution until the year 1790. Both, those who supported and opposed the Constitution, had many major arguments as to why or why not the Constitution should or should not be ratified. These reasons were our nation was under distress, the Articles of Confederation was not a suitable form of government, it blended the three branches too much and offered no security, Congress will take everyones money, and that it endangers our rights. One supporter of the Constitution, Thomas R. Frazier, believed we needed an established form of government due to the fact that our nation was under distress. He wrote “The complaints of our framers...the melancholy faces of our workers...the insults that are offered to the American name...View these things, fellow citizens, and then say we do not require a new, a protecting, and efficient federal government, if you can.”(1). Frazier was saying that our country was falling apart and we needed a form of written government to solve all our problems. Another supporter of the Constitution was George Washington, who agreed with John Jays criticism of the Constitution. They both agreed that the Articles of Confederation were not a suitable form of government. Washington wrote, “We have errors to correct...thirteen sovereign, independent, disunited states are in the habit of refusing compliance with [our national congress]”(3). Washington was saying that we could not have been governed by the Articles, therefore the Constitution was a better choice for nations established government. Mercy Otis Warren believed that the Constitution blended the three branches too much, and offered no security. She wrote “There is no security[under the proposed new U.S Constitution] either for the rights of conscience or liberty of the press...The executive and the Legislat[ure] are so dangerously blended that they give cause for...
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