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Topics: Sociology, Tax, Religion Pages: 2 (581 words) Published: December 13, 2011
During the 1750’s through the 1780’s American society was becoming increasingly less democratic in terms of property distribution and more democratic when it came to social structure as well as politics and religion. The tolerance of religion may have sparked from the Great Awakening during this time period. The evidence shown from society in Wethersfield, Connecticut, is a great paradigm of the changes in American society.

Property distribution played a role in society because everyone needed their fair share of property. Democratic views tend to be pro-tax. Evidence supports that between 1756 and 1773 taxes on property had gone down as well as the value of that property. (Doc. B) On average most people own 1-49 acres of land in 1756 and in 1773 the acreage of land that people owned dropped sufficiently. (Doc. C) Also, data supports that the wealthier the man during these time periods, the bigger the homes were, and the more they were taxed. Democrats tend to view taxation as important so that they can spread the wealth more equally.

Social structure from 1750-1780 became more and more democratic. There were fewer black slaves and more free blacks leading up to 1780. (Doc. A) One must account that New England was not in much need for slaves so this evidence is not a strong point. Rankings in society became evident during this time. Wealthy men usually bore wealthy descendants. (Doc. D) Because of the Federalist Party dying down, many people became more liberal and less strict. This brought people together rather than separate them by income or status.

Politics in 1750 were much different than politics in later 1780. In only 30 years politicians had become more liberal and not as conservative. Facts during 1771-1776 strongly support that more white males became involved in politics than in 1751. (Doc. G) In early politics people who were more prominent and involved were of the higher classes of society. During the later years up to 1776 there was...
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