Dbms Project Report

Topics: Requirements analysis, Software Requirements Specification, System requirements Pages: 11 (2058 words) Published: February 24, 2011
Department of Computer Science

A report submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the course

CS 513: Data Base System

Submitted by

1MS08CS018 Arjun Patel

1MS08CS023 Avinit Bagri

1MS08CS024 Ayush Rai

1MS08CS025 Ayush Sinhal

Under the guidance of

Mr. Arul Kumar L
Computer Science and Engineering

Aug – Dec 2010

Department of Computer Science & Engineering
M.S.Ramaiah Institute Of Technology
(Autonomous Institute Affiliated to VTU)

Ayush Sinhal
Avinit Bagri
Ayush Rai Arjun Patel

Acknowledgements ii

1Introduction 1
General Introduction………………. 1
1.1Objectives of the project……………1
1.2Current Scope………………………1
1.3Future Scope……………………….2

2Software Requirements Specification2
2.2General Description….2
2.2.1Project Perspective…2
2.2.2Product overview3
2.2.3End User expectation….3
2.2.4General Constraints…3
2.2.5Assumptions and Dependencies…4
2.3Specific Requirements4
2.3.1Functional Requirements of the end product4
2.3.2Software system Requirements…4
2.3.3Hardware system Requirements..4

3Data Model Design5
3.1Identified Entities, Attributes and Relationship….5
3.2Entity-Relationship Model (E-R Diagram)…..5
3.3Relational Schemas…..6

4Introduction to Front End Tool6
4.2Limits and Scopes….7

5Conclusion & Future Enhancements8

6References 9

7Screen snapshots 9

We are very grateful to our Principal Dr.K.Rajanikanth for providing us with an environment to complete our project successfully.

We are deeply indebted to our Head of the Department Prof.V.Muralidharan, who modeled us both technically and morally for achieving greater success in life.

We are very grateful to our internal guide Mr.V Arul Kumar, Lecturer, for being instrumental in the completion of our project with his complete guidance and also the project coordinator.

We also thank all the staff members of our college and technicians for their help in making this project a successful one.

Finally, we take this opportunity to extend our deep appreciation to our family and friends, for all that they meant to us during the crucial times of the completion of our project.


The project quiz management is one which has been undertaken with lot of enthusiasm by us. It is a project which will serve as a boon for both the teachers as well as the students.

The project enables teachers to create various question banks as well as tests. The tests can be modified or created from scratch. The teachers have the advantage of being able to save all their tests and modify it as and when required. They can also keep a track of the scores of all the students very easily which enables them to monitor the performance of the students.

Students also have an advantage by using this. They have a student id which enables them to log in and take the test and also keep a log of all of their performances. This provides a user friendly interface which makes creating as well as taking a test a lot more comfortable


The website created enables the user to create various quizzes or tests in an organised an orderly manner. These quizzes can be accessed easily by anyone who needs to undertake it and very efficiently displays all the necessary information after the test has been undertaken. The key features include the ease with which question banks, tests can be created as well as the simplicity in accessing any quiz/test....
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