Dbm/380 Database Concepts – Weekly Summary

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  • Published : October 30, 2007
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DBM/380 Database Concepts – Weekly Summary
Week 1

1. What concepts did I learn in Week 1?

In Week 1, we learned many new concepts explaining database architecture and what the difference was between spreadsheets and databases. Many of these concepts were taught through the use of two companies: Premiere Products and Henry Books. I have used Excel (spreadsheet) many times before and often found it difficult to manipulate the data the way I needed to. Sad to say, if I understood Access better and what it can do, I would have saved myself a lot of time and hair loss. After reading the information for the week, I came to realize that they are major differences between Excel and Access. Spreadsheets are more efficient at copying and duplicating blocks of information when you have just 1 report to do. On the other hand, databases allow you to easily integrate data from multiple sources. Not only that, they are more effective in handling very large data sets. Several advantages and disadvantages of Database Processing were also discussed. (To name a few).

Through our weekly article readings, we learned about Personal Information Management (PIM) systems. It has been made quite apparent that today's organizations are overflowed with information. However, that information does not have to overtake the company. Organizations need to define and implement a good PIM system. What type of system that will be is determined many factors such as an organization's goals and needs.

2. What concepts or assignments did I find interesting in Week 1?

The concept of spreadsheets verses databases has interested me the most this week. Like I mentioned above, I have never used Access or any other database system before. Well, besides assisting the IT department in implementing a SQL Server Database which may be a whole different kind of animal altogether. I am looking forward to learning how to use Access and how to incorporate its features and abilities into my...
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