DBBL Mobile Banking Benefits

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  • Published : December 5, 2012
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DBBL Mobile Banking at a glance
Banking for the unbanked
What is Mobile Banking?

Mobile Banking is a Banking process without bank branch which provides financial services to unbanked communities efficiently and at affordable cost. To provide banking and financial services, such as cash-in, cash out, merchant payment, utility payment, salary disbursement, foreign remittance, government allowance disbursement, ATM money withdrawal through mobile technology devices, i.e. Mobile Phone, is called Mobile Banking.

Benefits of Mobile Banking

By providing electronic access to money, it is possible to ultimately alleviate poverty, because of the following reasons.

• Real time on-line banking
• Available anytime, anywhere throughout the country • It is convenient, affordable and secure
• It is much more effective in developing savings habits • It will make access to banking and advanced payment transactions at affordable cost
• It is much safer, speedy and safeguard against fraudulent transactions

What does DBBL Mobile banking offer?

¬ Customer Registration
¬ Cash-in (cash deposit)
¬ Cash-out (cash withdrawal)
¬ Merchant Payment
¬ Utility Payment
¬ Salary Disbursement
¬ Foreign Remittance
¬ Air-time Top-up
¬ Fund Transfer
Where to register?

Customer can register at any authorized agent point of DBBL - at present these are the retailers of Citycell & Banglalink throughout the country who can display 'DBBL Agent Certificate' and 'DBBL Mobile Banking Banner'.

How does it work?

¬ Customer fills up the KYC Form and submit to agent along with his photograph & National ID (NID)
¬ Agent checks the Application Form, photograph & NID ¬ Agent goes to Customer Registration Menu in his/her mobile and insert customer's mobile number
¬ Customer receives a call through IVR or USSD prompt and in reply, s/he gives a 4-digit PIN number of his/her choice (please remember your PIN)
¬ A Mobile Account is created in the DBBL system which is his/her mobile number + one check digit
¬ Customer receives an SMS which contains his/her Mobile Account number (please remember your check digit)

Why PIN is required?

PIN is required to be inputted during cash withdrawal from an Agent or DBBL ATM. PIN ensures security of your money and protect fraudulent transactions.

Why PIN is strictly confidential?

PIN is the key for transaction of Mobile Banking. Only correct match of PIN & Mobile Number can access the Mobile Account. PIN is needed to verify the A/C owner by the system. If a PIN is disclosed, respective account is at risk; therefore, PIN should be handled very carefully.

Why Check digit ?

Mobile number is public and known to many people. Without knowing your check digit, none will be able to deposit money at your account, thus it helps to keep your mobile account confidential. On the other hand, a check digit eliminates typing error, thus protects sending or depositing money to a wrong account.

Which Telco's Mobile can be registered?

Customer having any mobile from any Mobile Operator can be registered for DBBL Mobile Banking at any agent point of Banglalink and Citycell. All these Mobile Account holders will be able to deposit and withdraw money from the Agents. However the customers having mobile from operators other than Banglalink and Citycell will not be able to initiate many self-initiated services like Balance checking, fund transfer, utility payment, Air-time top up, PIN Change etc....
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