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According to the article acculturation “is the acquisition of the cultural elements of the dominant society—language, food choice, dress, music, sports, etc.—w as the process by which assimilation was to be achieved,” (p. 369). This being said I agree with the author’s posture on acculturation to an extent because I feel like there is much to discuss when looking at the effects of acculturation. This is a something that is seen in the United States because there are so many different cultures present. I liked how in the article it talks about how acculturation can contribute to positive and negative behaviors being carried on. It does talk about that acculturation is something that is divided and that some people are not as much as others. Acculturation affects everybody differently and we can see that in the way they live their lives. Was the subject matter sufficiently covered by the author?

I believe that something like Acculturation is a very large subject to discuss. I feel like yes he did discuss it enough to get a sense of what acculturation is. I will have to admit I did not completely understand everything written in the article but I feel like the author got his point across and explains what he means.

Marielena, L., Gamboa, C., Kahramanian, M.I., Morales, L.S., & Hayes-Bautista, H.B. (2005). Acculturation and Latino health in the United States: a review of the literature and its sociopolitical context. Annual Review Public Health, 26, 367-397

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