Db Cooper

Topics: Northwest Airlines, Boeing 727, D. B. Cooper Pages: 1 (298 words) Published: January 14, 2013
Skyjacker at large

Tenzin Lekshey – New York Times
D. B. Cooper hijacked a 727 aircraft in the airspace flying between Portland, Oregon, and Seattle, Washington, on November 24, 1971. A Northwest Airlines Stewardess said on Friday, that she first thought the note handed to her by a hijacker was “a pass” or an attempt to “hustle” her, “I thought he was trying to hustle me.” The hijacker, who was sitting beside her for the takeoff, motioned to her to read the note. Upon reading the note Miss Shaffner discovered that the man claimed he had a bomb, and was demanding $200,000 ransom, four parachutes and the flight crew’s cooperation in his escape. D.B cooper made his escape via parachute since then no one ever saw him. The event began on Thanksgiving eve, November 24, 1971, at Portland International Airport in Portland, Oregon. A man carrying a black attaché case approached the flight counter of Northwest Orient Airlines. He identified himself as "Dan Cooper" and purchased a one-way ticket on Flight 305, a 30-minute trip to Seattle, Washington. The 36 other passengers were informed that their arrival in Seattle would be delayed because of a "minor mechanical difficulty." The aircraft circled for approximately two hours to allow Seattle police and the FBI time to collect Cooper’s parachutes and ransom money. D.B Cooper released the 36 passengers and two members of the flight crew. He ordered the pilot and remaining crew to fly to Mexico. At 10,000 feet above the ground, he jumped off the plane via parachute with $200,000. The FBI doesn’t know whether he survived the landing or not. [pic]This is a sketch of D.B Cooper, if anyone sees him. Please call the local police or the FBI.
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