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Marketing of Services
September 2011 Assignment Sheet

Date| Chapter and Topic Coverage|
Sept 8| Introduction to Course and MethodsIntroduction to Assignments| Sept 13| Chapter One: Introduction to Services |
Sept 15| Sullivan’s Auto World|
Sept 20| Chapter Two: Consumer Behavior|
Sept 22| Chapter Three: Positioning|
Sept 27| Service Encounter Journals: Journal #1 Due TodaySee my website for examples of Journals from last year.| Sept 29| Ginger (case) |
Oct 4| Chapter 5|
Oct 6| Chapter 6|
Oct 11| Case: Revenue Management of Gondola|
Oct 13| Chapter 7 |
Oct 18| Quiz|
Oct 20| Class Cancelled in lieu of Projects|
Oct 25| Chapter 8|
Oct 27| Chapter 10|
Nov 1| Chapter 11 (Guest Speaker Today)|
Nov 3| Chapter 9 (Co-Production Today)|
Nov 8| Windsor Miniature Golf Case (found on my W:Drive) Do SWOT, alternatives and recommendations. Be sure to think about “7” Ps.| Nov 10| Chapter 12|
Nov 15| Case: Goodlife Fitness Centres|
Nov 17| Chapter 13Letters and Journals Due|
Nov 22| Shouldice Hospital Case and Video is the bundle of benefits (value proposition of what they give for what they get) that Shouldice offers its target? How is this differentiated from other providers? 2.How are the bundle of benefits delivered? That is, how does the "production process" work? You might think in terms of the patient's service experience from the beginning to the end. 3.Analyze Shouldice using the RATER model of service quality -- pay attention to the 7 Ps of Services Marketing in your analysis.| Nov 24| Chapter 14 |

Nov 29| TBA|
December 1| Last Class:|
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