Daydream Essay

Topics: Mind, Imagination, Thought Pages: 2 (856 words) Published: September 29, 2012

There I sat, trying desperately to keep concentrated, but couldnt help myself, I was gone into yet another daydream. But it wasn't my usual daydream though, this time I was daydreaming about my bed. My lovely cosy bed, it was only the fourth class of the day and already I couldn't wait to get home. Trying to think of a way to approach this essay, all that came to mind was my bed.

This was me on a normal day! Trying to do workand then ending up dosing off into a daydream. My family are always picking me up on it! I could be doing the smallest things like watching the T.V or washing the dishes when I find myself smiling for no reason in a daydream! Its like theres my own little world inside my head. My mam would ways ask why I would be smiling washing the dishes, when normally I complain about doing it! Its because im there, in my own little world planning out the perfect endings to every situation I find myself being a part of. My daydreams are usually the typical daydreams : fantasies about the future, or about my past experiences of why could have happened and how it would change my life today, or vivd dream-like images, but mostly they are connected with some type of emotion.

To everyone it looks like I'm just staring into blank space,but really I could actually be planning a murder for all they know! Its usually when im bored or when im trying to do work. Its like its an escape from the reality of life with or without closing my eyes. Sometimes its random things that have popped into my head or it could be things I was thinking about all morning! It just varies! But it kind of makes me wonder, where do they come from? Is it imagination or what? Personally I think its a way for the mind to relax and take a few minutes break especially when I'm in school where the mind is constantly being tested.

When people say daydreaming can be a way of escaping from reality, I agree with them! It can help you escape into your thoughts and...
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