Day of Infamy

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  • Published : March 26, 2006
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Quan Nguyen
English II – Shaheen
MW 2:30-4

"Day of Infamy"

On December 7 of 1941, Japanese airplanes attacked the naval base of Pearl Harbor with a horrendous attack. With this, the 32nd president of the United States, president Franklin Delano Roosevelt, gave his famous speech. Shortly after this, the British and United States declared war on Japan. Not so long after, Germany declares war on the United States. The attack of Pearl Harbor is to be said as the starting mark of America into the war of World War II. Now technically, the war started earlier in about 1921-1922, when Adolf Hitler assumed control of the National Socialist German Workers, otherwise known as the Nazis. But the US was not involved until the Japanese suddenly attacked Pearl Harbor. The US did have an idea of the Japanese attacking America, but that is another debate. Now, if the Americans of Pearl Harbor for sure known that Japanese planes were to attack, would there be another outcome to this assault? I believe that there would. If I could go back into time and prevent something, I think I would go to Pearl Harbor and confirm and warn that the Japanese are going to attack Pearl Harbor and with that in mind the US Navy fleet would have been well prepared for such an attack seeing as though an attack from Japan was imminent. As a result of my precautions, the out come of the attack would be entirely different and the US economy today could have been different.

Regardless of the warning, the naval base of Pearl Harbor would still be attacked. The casualties would be entirely different though. During the two hour attack on Pearl Harbor, 18 warships, 188 aircraft , and 2,403 servicemen were killed in the attack. One main reason of this was because they were all unprepared. The Japanese attacked during the waking hours of normal people. Many of the servicemen were still in the state of sleep or just starting out their day, thinking it would be an ordinary day. If they...
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