Day in the Life of an Lpn

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  • Published : November 24, 2008
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The days in the life of an LPN(Licensed Practical Nurse) varies depending on many different factors. LPN’s can work in many different settings and specialize in many different fields. Nurses have the opportunity to work in not only hospitals and nursing homes. Prisons, schools, cruise ships, and the various military outfits all employ LPN’s.

Generally LPN’s are trained to work in all areas of health care. You can receive your license in as little as a year. Most vocational schools offer LPN programs that take as little as a year to graduate. According to the U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics(2008-2009 Edition) job prospects are very good. Annual earnings of a Licensed Practical Nurse vary from $36,000-$55,000 depending on your location and choice of work place. Working for agencies you can make up to $25 an hour.

Licensed Practical Nurses care for patients in many different ways. They provide basic beside care including taking vital signs, administering injections and medications, and dressing wounds. They are also sometimes involved in dressing, bathing, and helping the patients with whatever they need. Part of their job includes collecting samples for tests, recording patients intake and output, and assist registered nurses and physicians to perform tests and procedures. LPN’s working in a maternity ward assist to deliver, feed, and care for mothers and infants after birth. LPN’s also have to record patients progress closely on their charts for not only the doctors but for insurance purposes as well.

My mother has been a LPN for the past 12 years. She has worked most of those years at the local state run Cedar Haven Nursing home. She has been employed there for the past 10 years. During her training in clinicals she realized that she liked working strictly in geriatrics rather then in a hospital setting. She likes having routine for the most part of her job. She works with mainly the same people and on the same floor so she is well acquainted with the...
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