Day Dreaming

Topics: Mind, Consciousness, Brain Pages: 4 (1056 words) Published: December 13, 2011
An Altered State of Consciousness

The conscious mind is what allows individuals to become associated with the closest form of reality that they can perceive. To achieve a conscious state, the individual should be aware and responsive to their immediate environment as well as their own unique thoughts, feelings, and actions. However, while it may go unnoticed and seem completely effortless, people are continually altering their states consciousness. For instance, when people become bored or uninterested in their current activities, they have the capability to enter a private world in their mind in which they can escape the realities of true and absolute consciousness.

“Our minds may wander during boring tasks because daydreaming is actually the brain’s normal state, rather than a pointless distraction, according to a new U.S. study” (Jones, 2007). According to Malia Mason, a postdoctoral researcher of neuro cognition at Harvard University, psychologists have assumed that individuals concentrate most of their time towards goal-oriented thoughts and that periodically they will have spouts of extraneous thoughts. Conversely, it could be that individuals spend most of their time engaging in less productive thoughts and that they will occasionally have some goal-oriented thoughts and ideas.

Furthermore, Mason describes daydreaming as “a state of mind where thoughts that are experienced by an individual are unrelated to what is going on in the environment around them” (Jones, 2007). Daydreaming alters the consciousness because it is a type of imagination in which the mind forms mental images of scenarios, possibly creating circumstances that the daydreamer has never experienced before. The brain is so fascinating because it has this wide range of abilities to produce effects that include voices and feelings in one’s very own daydream. Although this may seem as if daydreaming is just a gratifying distraction of desirable fantasies, it is actually...
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