Day Care Observation

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This project was carried out on November 10, 2010 at Children Are People Child care Centre, 272 Codsell Avenue, Toronto, Canada. The project focuses on the activities and interactions of children (infancy, early childhood) with each other as well as the staff. All stages ranging from infants, toddlers, preschool and school age were observed.

The purpose is to assess each developmental stage based on the social and cognitive development. It also focuses on the services rendered in the centre to determine the eligibility and the quality of services rendered by the centre. All information and observations are thus recorded as follows:



Love playing with rattles.(shaking and striking it against object)

Love playing with soft toys such as teddy bear (sitting, rolling on toys, and sometimes putting them in mouth).

Enjoy playing with rhythm toys. (pushing and switching buttons for sound)

Cognitive development:

Touching, shaking of the toys will contribute to their fine motor and cognitive development by preparing them mentally to recognize, explore and control objects.


Babbles (trying to express their feelings).Dragging toys from each other. Enjoy listening and imitating staff during sing along play. Shows readiness of participation.

Play pattern:

Pick a boo (find me games)

Enjoy putting little things in big things.



Love playing with ball. (throwing and running after ball)

Love playing with picture books. (looking and pointing to objects in the book).

Listening to music and dance it.

Cognitive Development:

Looking and pointing to objects in the book will help them to develop language skill. Also playing with assortment of balls will enable them to expand their knowledge of object permanence (finding ball)


Trying to get attention from others by doing cute things. Biting and pushing each other. Throw things when angry. Sometimes screaming to show how powerful they are. Listened to a firm “no-no” directive from staff. Repeat words said to them and always trying hard to let staff understand them when they want something like a cup of milk. (pointing and mentioning name of things important to them).

Play pattern:

Active (running ,jumping)



Love playing with bike and wagon

Love playing with puppet art materials such as paint, makers and so on.


Friendly with peers. Follow directives and always show readiness to learn new ideas.

Cognitive development:

Using craft materials will build their imitative towards making desired effect happen with objects, shaping and molding them to be creative. Also riding bike will develop their fine motor skills by building their muscle making them physically fit and strong.

Play pattern:

Constructing and modeling.



Love playing with modeling and craft materials

Love playing with doll houses and castle


Follow rules made by others and as well create their own rules, very co operative working or playing in group, demonstrates self control during conflict.

Play pattern:

Organized and skillful


In order to assist parent/guardian in menu planning at home, weekly Menus are posted for the current and following week. Nutritious mid-day meals, including morning an afternoon snacks are also provided in accordance with Canada’s Food Guide

Special dietary requirements will be allowed for health reasons including religious or special diet. The parent/guardian will be required to provide written instructions (listing ingredients} of substitute foods that they will provide for either snack...
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